Always Wondered

Always Wondered


Why do feet smell?
The medical term for foot odor is “bromodosis”, can be quite embarrassing if you suffer from this.

There is a simple explanation for the odor, sweat and bacteria.  Occasionally it may be related to a fungus, like athletes foot.

A dark, warm and moist environment is a wonderful medium for bacterial and fungal growth!

Ways to help alleviate foot odor:

  • Absorbent socks ex: cotton socks
  • Do not wear the same pair of shoes everyday – if possible
  • Wash your feet in the shower or bath
  • Hormones may facilitate this condition, ex: teenagers, pregnancy

If the steps above do not relieve the bromodosis, or you have tried an antifungal for poss athletes foot, it may benefit you (and everyone around you) to check in with your primary care physician or practitioner to verify there is not another cause of your foot odor.

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