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Relaxing patients with Medical Virtual Reality


Have you ever been in the hospital doing nothing but laying on a hospital bed?  

Definitely not an easy task!  Worried, stressed, maybe in pain, not getting any sleep, just counting the days until you are allowed to go home?

Hospitals do have the great intention of trying to promote health, when so many things are done that conflict with that theory!  Waking you up for vital signs, blood draws, medications and that is without a roommate!!

Great news!  

Brennan Spiegel and his team at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles introduced VR worlds to their patients to help them release stress and reduce pain.

With the special virtual reality goggles, patients could escape the four walls of the hospital! Patients will be able to visit amazing and far away places, or participate in an activity that makes their soul sing or even perhaps choose to swim together with whales off the Hawaiian coast.

Spiegel says that not only can the hospital experience be improved with medical VR, but the costs of care may also be reduced.

By reducing stress and pain, the length of the patient’s stay in the ward or the amount of resources utilized can both be decreased.

 I am hopeful this device may be able to help with persons with chronic pain and possibly decrease the need for medications!


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