New Technology

New Technology

Hybrid Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery System


medtronic closed loop system


The device pictured above is a Medtronic MiniMed 670G Insulin Pump System

This information is so Exciting!!!!!!    

This device has been eagerly awaited by the healthcare community, diabetics & their loved ones. This is the first and only system that constantly self-adjusts to automatically keep blood sugar levels in range, based on “how you live your everyday life”.  

This closed loop system insulin delivery device has been hailed as the world’s first artificial pancreas.  

People with diabetes require numerous daily testing of their current blood sugar levels. This can involve a finger stick, some testing machines are made for testing from your arm.  Some people to monitor their blood sugar levels from a needle that is inserted into their body.  People with diabetes are instructed on how much insulin to inject into their bodies based on a blood sugar reading.  This device does the blood sugar testing and based on its programming (set by their doctor) it will deliver insulin to the body.  This is essentially how the human body works- it is it’s own closed loop system.

Closed loop refers to a system that is a device, or series of devices, that can work together with one another to automatically give the correct amount of insulin in response to food intake and rising blood glucose.   Example; This device sensor will detect a person’s blood sugar is at 160 mg/dl, (which is above normal range) the meter would tell the device to administer a programed amount of insulin to bring the blood sugar to normal range.  

This hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system will help make Type 1 diabetes more manageable, therefore helping to creating better health and health outcomes!                                  

Approved by the FDA in late 2016, this new technology enables direct communication between the continuous glucose monitoring device and insulin pump to stabilize blood glucose to an unprecedented level.

This new technology will replace the “open loop” concept.  The open loop system requires a person with type 1 diabetes to use the information/data from their continuous glucose monitor or finger stick to determine how much insulin to inject.  

This device will be introducing the most accurate and continuous glucose monitoring sensor from Medtronic the Guardian® Sensor 3. This new sensor, now with up to 7 day wearing and easy insertion.

                             Note: This device system is waterproof !!!!!!

With more stable blood glucose levels, we can hope to see better Hg A1c’s (way of determining the average blood sugar levels for the preceding two to three months) and in turn leading to better health outcomes!

The market is going to be eager to receive this new device!  More patients will demand the technology and more insurers reimburse for the system. Experts are also optimistic that the outcomes demonstrated in Type 1 diabetes will accelerate a similar product for the millions of Type 2 diabetes patients in the near future.



Source: Medtronic & Cleveland clinic



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