You have to have HEART for the holidays

Everyone knows the holidays can be very stressful. Between finances, family responsibilities, work and you can’t forget the love for winter weather!
Cold weather effecting our hearts, our health & what to do to keep ourselves healthy this season!

H= High Intensity Exercise.

Did you know, heart attacks increase in the holiday season, primarily due to                         weather.
Well, really due to the High Intensity Exercise that we are not used to doing – ex:                 shoveling.
The best plan if you are not conditioned for High Intensity Exercise, is to walk                     instead!

E= Eating Healthy.

I know, I know! It’s the holidays! One of my favorite sayings is;   “Do your best,                    forget the rest”. I am a firm believer in moderation & also believing a little bit is                  better than nothing!  Instead try:

-Buying or eating foods that come from the ground
-Portion Control- they say 1/2 of your plate should be veggies
-Staying hydrated (water, not alcohol) I will usually add ice to my patients drinks to  facilitate more fluid intake

A= Assessing Stress.

We all have stress. Stress effects all of us differently, especially with what we are                perceiving as stress.
It may help to try: – Asking for help (probably one of the hardest!)                                            – Exercising
-Yoga & or meditation
-Seeking privacy to center ourselves
-Squeeze balls or other fidget devices
-Reminding ourselves that no one person can do everything

R= Rest

Ahhhh, the elusive Sleep! Did you know if you sleep less than 6 hrs a night, you                   can double your chances of a cardiac event if you have heart disease risk                             factors?        Example: Hypertension, Diabetes.
This based on time sleeping, not based on REM sleep. Discipline is the key.
Having a set time to go to bed- (even set an alarm to remind you to head to bed)
Getting up at approximately the same time every day has been reported to help.


T= Tape Measure

Tape Measure is to assess your waist for risk factor for heart problems.                                 “Keeping Track” can help keep yourself healthy.

The formula is as follows:

Height- (in inches ex: 5ft would be 60 inches) divided by 2.
Your waist measurement should be less than half of your sum from the                                exercise above.
If your waist number is greater than your height divided by 2, this can increase                  your cardiac risk factors with the possibility of: hypertension, increasing                              abdominal pressure on your kidneys, increasing insulin resistance.


They also say laughter is the best medicine!!! Laughter with loved ones or people you enjoy can go a long way to “de-stressing” ourselves during the holiday season! Try to be kind to others, but most importantly, be kind to yourself!!

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